Stephen Dent Green Living Advice

Stephen Dent Green Living Advice
June 27th, 2014 | Category: Green the House News and Tips | Uploaded by: Stephen Dent

Guest Post from one of our readers: Jenny Dresden

With the birth of our first child, my husband and I became much more conscious of our family’s carbon footprint. We had always recycled and tried to conserve water, but now that we had a baby, we wanted to be sure he had clean water to drink and clean air to breathe long after we were gone. We started to make some changes in our home in an effort to do our part for the earth our son would grow up in.

  1. We began keeping the house warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. One thing we worried about was the baby’s comfort, but he seemed fine. In the summer, we let our son sleep in just a diaper and he seems more than comfortable. In the winter, he was swaddled in a blanket, which helped to soothe him.
  2. We vowed to only run the dishwasher with a full load. This is hard for me, but I know it helps our energy bills. We are using glass bottles so as to guard against BPAs, and I am always tempted to run it when it is only half-full, just to get all the bottles clean.
  3. We bathe the baby in the sink. Besides the obvious water conservation, this seems far easier than running a full tub anyway. I don’t have to lean over as far, and we can use the kitchen or bathroom counter to dry him off!

There are a number of energy-saving tips, and almost all are possible to perform with an infant in the house. These are just a few small efforts we have tried to make to keep the Earth beautiful for the next generation.

June 20th, 2014 | Category: News and Tips | Uploaded by: Stephen Dent

Why should we consider adopting green living? Scientists have reported that even small actions in our own households can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 7% in the next decade! That is a strong statement about what we as individuals can do. Some of these actions are simple and small amounts of effort can go a long way.

Put an End to Annoying Junk Mail

Kill two birds with one stone here. A good amount of mail that Americans receive is unsolicited garbage mail. The average amount received equals about 69lbs. That is a lot of trees! Visit to find out how to stop some of this junk mail from being delivered to you and simplify your life at the same time.

Solar Celebration

There are many reasons to celebrate solar power. One reason is the money you spend to switch to solar quickly pays itself back in rebates and monthly refunds through your utility company. Many individuals, businesses, and schools have installed solar panels to help the cause and use for other resources.

Environmentally Conscious Kids

Raising children to reduce, reuse, and recycle will go a long way towards helping our planet recover and prevent more damage from being done in the future generations.

Go Au-Natural

This doesn’t have to be taboo, it can simply mean switching from chemical cleaners to natural cleaning products like vinegar to use around the house. This will most likely save you money as well as leave your house just as sparkling clean.

Focus on the Tap

About 30 billion plastic water bottles are sold each year in the U.S.. Less than 20% of them are recycled. Drinking from the tap or invest in a home water filtration system instead.

Communities can work together using these and other tips to make going green a lifestyle to live by. Contact community leaders and find out how you can help volunteer or educate others about green living.

June 12th, 2014 | Category: News and Tips | Uploaded by: Stephen Dent

Living “green” is becoming a big thing for many people. With our world become destroyed by our own habits, going green is a way of the future. There are so many ways that you can go green these days that it makes it very simple.

  1. Using reusable bags

    Instead of loading up your groceries into the plastic bags that they have at the store, buy some reusable bags. Most reusable bags are a cloth type material and will last for many years. You will be surprised how many plastic bags you go through after a few trips to the store. The reusable bags means less plastic being used and less garbage for you. If you do use the plastic ones, recycle them.

  2. Walk or Ride Bike

    Instead of driving everywhere, walk or ride your bike! Not only is this much better for the environment, but it also is better for your health. If you live somewhere that you cannot walk to, carpool with co-workers or friends if you can.

  3. Make Your Own

    You can make your own household cleaners. These cleaners will be a lot more environmentally friendly and much better on your budget. You will be able to a huge amount that will last a long time. To find recipes to make your own cleaners, you can look online.

June 5th, 2014 | Category: News and Tips | Uploaded by: Stephen Dent

Moving away to college is a major step in your life, and you’ll encounter an array of new situations. Acclimating to these changes is a part of the journey, but so is incorporating your own personal beliefs and values. Even though some might argue otherwise, going green when you’re away at college is possible.

Don’t Forget to Recycle

Some college students are inclined to just toss all of their trash into one bag. However, it doesn’t take that much more effort to separate your garage from your recyclables. Work with your roommate to have two distinct bags in the room. At the end of the week, you can even go redeem change for some of those recyclables so you have money to get pizza with your friends on the weekend.

Take it Easy with the Electronics

When you are constantly using electronic devices, you are also harnessing unnecessary amounts of electric and energy. Furthermore, you are missing out on opportunities to meet new people and to participate in activities on campus. Instead of spending hours a day parked in front of the computer or playing video games in the lounge, challenge suite mates to a few rounds of table tennis or join an organization in which you are interested.

Walk Your Way Around

Certain campuses do not even allow students, or at least first-year students, to have cars with them, so this is the perfect excuse to start walking more. At many schools, you can get to everything you need without the use of a car. Find out if your school has rental cars available. That way, you have access to one if you really need to journey a distance, but you won’t be tempted to emit harmful toxins from gas into the air on a regular basis.

Join an Environmental Club

Even if you were not actively involved with clubs during high school, no reason exists why you can’t change your modus operandi now. Find out what organizations the university has that seek to support green living, and work together with other students to make a real change on campus and in the environment at large. By joining this club, you can also meet with people who share similar interests.

April 24th, 2014 | Category: Green the House | Uploaded by: Stephen Dent

Paper Towels are an easy and convenient way to clean up mess in every room in your house. From cleaning windows, counter tops, sinks, mirrors and the floor, its no wonder why so many Americans spend tons of money every year, restocking on disposable paper towels.

While throwing something out after being using is convenient, its not cost effective or eco friendly. Recently I came across a website that sells reusable paper towels made from Bamboo. After reviewing the website I had to buy a roll and test them out myself.

The first thing I noticed was that each paper towel piece was almost like a cleaning rag. It was thick, very strong and could clearly handle a few washes. So far I have washed one of them 4 times and it looks just as new and durable as the first time I used it.

I highly suggest, anyone who spends a lot of money on paper towels each month could benifit by making the switch to Bamboo paper towels. The paper towels can be purchased directly from the company that manufactures them at or from third party online sales such as

Bamboo Paper Towel