Stephen Dent Green Living Advice

Stephen Dent Green Living Advice
Published: December 11th, 2015
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With more and more people going green, it’s no surprise that someone thought up the best way to have a green Christmas is to rent a living Christmas tree. These trees are alive and potted with their roots growing and are reused each year as long as they stay healthy.

There are many companies that now let you rent a “live” tree. You simply order the type and size of tree you would like to have and you can pick up the tree when you want it, or have it delivered. Then you decorate and enjoy your tree through the Christmas season, and when you are finished, you clear off the lights and ornaments and return it to the renting company, or they will come pick it up from you.

The trees usually comes with strict instructions about keeping it away from heaters and keeping it watered correctly. That way when it goes back to the nursery it will have a better chance of surviving another year. You can even name your tree and ask for the same one each year as long as it lives. So it grows with your family. Not all trees will survive another year so most of the rental companies will donate them to planting organizations or replant them in a forest.

This is very eco-friendly way to enjoy a Christmas tree and Stephen Dent encourages everyone to check into renting a live Christmas tree this year.

Merry Christmas to you all.