Stephen Dent Green Living Advice

Stephen Dent Green Living Advice
Published: June 29th, 2016
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Stephen Dent here. Today I wanted to share with you how Etsy is revolutionizing the green building industry. Let these words soak in, “In the ninth-floor library at Etsy’s new headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, the wooden coffee tables were built from sustainably sourced timber. Rectangular pots, made of reclaimed wood, hold plants that will feed off rainwater collected from the roof. LED lights hang over a striped gray rug that contains only natural materials. The paint on the walls, too, was vetted to ensure that it contains a low number of volatile organic compounds, which are released into the air and can cause breathing problems.” Does this sound like a dream come true to you? It does to me! I just think this type of thing is so cool. These words are from Jenny Che’s article on the Huffington Post entitled, “Etsy Is Helping Redefine What Green Buildings Look Like.” The article is a testament to Etsy’s continued dedication to the Green cause. The entire article can be found here for all you Green enthusiasts.

Etsy’s new building construction is in response to the Living Building Challenge coming out of Seattle. Che describes the key points of this challenge as “a building must operate fully on renewable energy, generated on-site, and supply its own water by collecting and treating rainwater.” The challenge also says that, “no object in the building can contain toxic ‘red list’ materials or chemicals.” The push here is that buildings must be sustainable.


More from Che, “For many urban planners, green certification is only scratching the surface of a sustainable future. Designers say that smart buildings could be eventually as sensitive as human skin, responding to sunlight and adjusting for airflow and temperature. And, crucially, they could collect and funnel natural resources to inhabitants of other buildings.” Wouldn’t that just be wonderful?

This is changing the way we look at buildings. Instead of the consumerism rampant in business and construction today, Green buildings are poised to change all that. Che spoke with Michael Garrison, an architecture professor at the University of Texas, Austin who focuses on sustainable buildings. Garrison said, “When buildings have a net positive use of energy and water, we’re seeing the transition from buildings being consumers to being things that harvest and distribute energy and water. That would be a profound change.”

Do you guys things sustainable buildings will become a thing of the future or are we doomed to keep consuming? I think it’s time to work with nature and stop abusing it.