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Stephen Dent Green Living Advice
Published: September 21st, 2016
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Earlier this year I talked about the BP oil spill and how it was not only a disaster to the environment but also a PR disaster for oil companies. I also noted how Mark Wahlberg is making the movie Deepwater Horizon about the event. Now, it looks that time has finally come. On September 30th of this year we will all be able to see the BP oil spill on the big screen. I just watched the trailer for the movie and it looks like it will be focusing on the trials and tribulations of the people working the oil rig. I also found a very well written review of the movie here: Having Mark Wahlberg in this movie all but ensures success – but I would be remiss not to talk about the repercussions this movie and spill has on the world and the warnings for all. We need to go green and get rid of fossil fuels. The review I read talks about the hubris of man and how we affect wildlife and the world. The Gulf of Mexico was a wasteland after this spill, the gallons upon gallons of oil (170 million all in total) that were gushing into the water was so disgusting – and so harmful to the ecosystem that we still don’t know the long term affects. I read that 8,000 animals were found injured or dead after the spill. When will enough be enough? We have many different ways to power our vehicles. Solar power, electricity – I mean smart cars like the Tesla are even cooler than sports cars – so what is the hold up on this? We can’t take another change at a horrible spill like the one in 2010. Movies are well and great about heroism and stuff like that but the real movie should be putting BP execs in jail and having a massive call for better energy alternatives – now! Join me, Stephen Dent, in protesting 
the use of fossil fuels! I urge everyone one of you who has gone green to help me spread this message so that this kind of thing never happens again and no more movies are made about man made environmental disasters!

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